About WISH 2011

About WISH 2011

Addressing the complex interplay between human, organizational, and technological systems in healthcare is a significant research area with the potential to impact quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care in America. However, biomedical informatics, human-computer interaction, and other research disciplines fundamental to the successful design and dissemination of interactive systems are often trapped in their disciplinary silos making significant trans-disciplinary progress challenging.  This event is designed to foster conversation and bridge communities and will include specialists in biomedical informatics, nursing informatics, medical sociology, human-computer interaction, and related fields.

The goals of this workshop are consistent with those of the AMIAACM SIGCHI and the Agency For Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). They are to:

  1. Develop research agendas for interactive systems in healthcare and identify strategies and mechanisms for studying them.
  2. Discuss and develop consensus around research methodological and technical issues in regards to design and evaluation of interactive systems in healthcare.
  3. Establish a new channel for dissemination and implementation of research on interactive systems in healthcare
  4. Provide a forum for developing new partnerships among researchers and stakeholder organizations and building their capacity to participate in research activities and using the results of research on interactive systems in healthcare
  5. Illustrate the interrelationship and diversity of research in biomedical informatics, in particular as it relates to interactive systems.
  6. Make the interdisciplinary researchers’ experiences at both WISH and the AMIA annual symposium an enjoyable and rewarding experience, encouraging them to return and submit papers, panels, demonstrations, and posters to the conference.

WISH will have an exciting program, including plenary speakers, invited panels, and the presentation of peer-reviewed research in the form of paper presentations and posters.  This event is open to all interested parties, even without a submission to the workshop.

Final deadline for submission:  July 1, 2011
Notification of acceptance:  August 30, 2011
Camera-ready paper due:  September 15, 2011
Workshop: October 21, 2011
AMIA’11:  October 22-25, 2011

If you have any questions about WISH, please contact the workshop organizers at wish2011amia@gmail.com.


Madhu Reddy (Workshop Chair, Penn State)

Lena Mamykina (Workshop Chair, Columbia University)

Andrea Grimes Parker (Workshop Organizer, Georgia Institute of Technology)


About wish2011
2011 Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare, co-located with the American Medical Informatics Association Fall Symposium.

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